Specialized Systems

Cogeneration Systems

The Combined heat and power is the generation of thermal and electrical energy in a single process. In this way, optimum use can be made of the energy available from the fuel. CHP installations can convert up to 90% of the energy in the fuel into electrical power and useful heat. This compares very favorably with conventional power generation which has a delivered energy efficiency of around 30-45%.

District Cooling.

The District cooling means the centralized production and distribution of chilled water for cooling. Chilled water is delivered via an underground pipeline to building for air conditioning. Properly designed, installed, maintained and managed landscape irrigation systems greatly reduce the volume of irrigation water that is wasted every year. In some water short areas, we have seen the beginnings of planned water conservation efforts. In time, these could become the basis for a coordinated national policy toward water conservation.

Value Engineering

The “Value Engineering is an organized study of functions to satisfy the user’s needs, with a quality product at the lowest life cycle cost through applied creativity. The study is conducted by a multi-disciplinary team that provides an independent look at the project. Value Engineering is directed at reducing cost, while maintaining or improving quality, maintainability, performance, and reliability.”

Vertical Transportation

The vertical transportation, the Passenger, Service, Freight elevators and the Escalators. Not only do these items represent a major building expense, being in the case of a 25-story office building as much as 10% of the construction cost, but the quality of elevator service is also an important factor in a tenant’s choice of space in competing buildings.

  • Landscape + Irrigation Systems
  • Greenhouses Climate Controls Systems
  • Water Features & Fountains
  • Value Engineering Services
  • Vertical Transportation Systems
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Designing of Medical & Industrial Gases System