Building Systems Controls

The Building Systems Control concept emerged in the early 1950’s and has since changed dramatically both in scope and system configuration, as Mechanical & Electrical systems in modern Buildings increased in complexity.
There are various developments from Pneumatic to Wireless controls and Smart Building systems occurs through a high bandwidth cabling infrastructure that connects with all components of Telecom, HVAC, Lighting, Fire, life and safety (FL&S) and Security systems.

What makes a building smart?

Building systems and structural features are a combination of automated control of various building functions, fast and flexible telecommunication systems, and time saving conveniences for building occupants
Fibre Optics Capability Fibre Optics Capability

  • Fiber-Optics Capability

  • Built-in writing for internet access
  • Wiring for High speed networks
  • LAN & WAN Connectivity
  • Redundant Power Source
  • High-tech, energy-efficient HVAC system
  • Automatic on/off sensors in the lighting system
  • “Smart” elevators that group passengers by floor designation
  • Automatic sensors installed in faucets/toilets
  • Satellite accessibility
  • Computerized/interactive building directory