Project Description

Zaheer Palace Workshop

  • Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Energy Associates (SMC-Pvt) Ltd. has successfully completed the Zaheer Palace, Garage project which is located in Jeddah City with complete Building Service Design, such as Air Conditioning Systems, Public Health and Fire Fighting Systems in association with Al-Shathry Consulting Engineers of Saudi Arabia. The project is a complex of offices, mosque, residential apartments and open parking area, car maintenance area and garage area.
The total cooling load of building is 600 TR. The office building has been served by roof mounted package units with variable volume and temperature for individual room controls. The other buildings are designed with split A/C units.
Design of plumbing system is base on uniform plumbing codes with pressurized booster for water supply system and gravity drainage system. The fire fighting systems design is based on NFPA for sprinkler system and fire hose cabinets with total pumping capacity of 175 m³/hr at 80 mtr head. The workshop is designed with compressed air system and central extract system. The design of electrical system is based on NEC, IEC, and BSS with total connected load of 3,200 KVA with two transformers each of rating 1,600 KVA, including standby power generation of 1,000 KVA. The lighting design includes exterior and interior lighting for all buildings including high bay lighting for workshop and garage areas. The design of low current systems includes fire alarm, public address, telephone, CCTV, and MATV Systems. The office building design is based on smart building systems.