Project Description

Site Plan East Apron and Hangar, Al-Musanah Air Base

  • Oman


Energy Associates, currently busy in designing of Building Services Engineering works for Oman Air Base covering various Buildings and associated External works Services, Such as Air Conditioning Systems, Public Health, Compressed Air Systems, Fire Fighting Systems, water Based Sprinkler system, High expansion Foam System, Power distribution in different voltages and frequencies, Lighting design, low current system such as Fire Alarm, Public Address, Telephone, Data and Electronics Security systems.

The designing of Central Air conditioning Systems is based on ASHRAE Standards Design of plumbing system is base on uniform plumbing codes with pressurized booster for water supply system and gravity drainage system. The fire fighting systems design is based on NFPA for sprinkler system and fire hose cabinets, and Foam System Based on ETL Standards.

The design of electrical system is based on NEC, IEC, and BSS. The lighting design is based on CIBSE Standards. The design of low current systems includes fire alarm, public address, telephone, and Security System.