Project Description

River Water Treatment Plant, Bahria Hills

  • Islamabad, Pakistan


Energy Associates, rrecently signed for designing of River water Treatment Plant with its associated Building Services for above mentioned project.The proposed River water treatment is with the capacity of 450,000 Gallons per day as product water for the housing complex, which consistsof following buildings.

1. Residential (Plots)
2. Residential (Condominiums)
3. Residential (Reserved)
4. Open Space (Parks, open spaces.
5. Commercial
6. Public Buildings
7. Roads, Parkings

The River water treatment process will be based on Retention Tanks, Clarifier,Filtration, Sterilization, and final Product water storage tank, to have final product water quality as Drinking water or potable water.

The water Treatment plant supported building are provided withHeating, Ventilation and Air conditioning Systems, Public Health Services, Electrical Services such as Power Distribution, Lighting Design, Grounding&LightningProtectionSystem, Telephone, Data& ComputerSystem,Fire Alarm, Public Address, Automatic controls systems for complete Plant operation.