Project Description

Oman Embassy Islamabad

  • Islamabad, Pakistan


Energy Associates has successfully completed the Building Services Design work of Embassy of Oman in Islamabad Pakistan. K.A.A prepared the initial design for the project and coordinated the approval of building license with the local authority.
The site is located in the Diplomatic Quarters at one of the major round about along with main spine and has total area of 6500 m². The Embassy and Ambassador’s residence is located on the same site but with independent entrance. The project comprises the double storey embassy building and one basement for parking and other utilities. The Embassy includes general offices, visa sections, conference rooms and consular office.
The Mechanical Services such as air conditioning services are provided by Direct Fired Absorption Chillers for the Embassy Building Ambassador’s Residence and Staff Housing with low velocity ductwork for air distribution. The total cooling capacity of the project is 300 tons of refrigeration. The cooled air shall be supplied to each room via ceiling mounted diffusers through VAV terminal boxes.
Renewable Energy

  • The project Domestic Water Heating System is designed, based on Solar Thermal Heating System considering of (27) Panels producing 85 KW of Thermal Heating Load per day
  • The External Lighting System is designed, based on Solar Photovoltaic System considering of (200 Panels) 185w each with complete accessories; Solar PV Modules, Solar Batteries, Inverters, Solar Charge Controllers, having the total capacity of 15 KW.