Project Description

Marvida Tower

  • Bahrain


Energy Associates has successfully completed the Building Services Engineering Design works of 20 floors high, Marvida Tower in Bahrain.
It is proposed to be a super luxury residential tower having four numbers parking floors and 15 Apartment Floors including community Area. The Mechanical Services such as Air Conditioning design is based on M/S”L.G” MPS Series Split Air Conditioning Units in each Apartment with single out-door unit and with multiple indoor units. For Community Area Air Conditioning Services are provided by roof mounted package units.
The Total Cooling Capacity of Project is 800 tons of refrigeration. The Domestic Water Supply to the building is design with mix pressure and gravity system. The hot water design is based on localized type of electric water heater. The combined system of soil, waste and vent systems of building has been designed. The Fire Protection Services design is based on automatic Sprinkler, fire hose reel, portable fire Extinguisher. Electrically the design for the Marvida Tower is based on the latest international and local codes providing maximum energy saving and using the latest technologies to achieve efficiency and safety.
Power distribution is based on medium voltage (MV) throughout the project, using MV switchgear, ONAN type transformers, low voltage distribution boards, low voltage cables and bus ducts. Low voltage generators supplying 250 KVA of standby power supply to backup lighting and small power devices of public areas.