Project Description

KSA Embassy School

  • Islamabad, Pakistan


Energy Associates has successfully completed the design of Building Services Engineering which includes Roof Mounted A/C Packaged units with total cooling capacity of 600 TR. Laboratories Fume Hoods design, Water supply and drainage systems, Sprinkler based fire fighting system for the Auditorium and fire hose reel in the school areas. The design of irrigation systems is based on sprinkler and drip irrigation systems. Swimming pool design is based on the overflow system. Electrical design is based on latest NEC, IEC, SASO, CCITT and British standards. Electrical design includes Power Supply Distribution design, Internal and External Lighting design, and Low Current Systems such as Fire Alarm, Master Clock, Public Address, Telephone, Computer Networking and CCTV. Total connected Electrical load of school is 1600 KVA and is fed from two transformers of rating 800 KVA each, and in case of failure of normal supply a diesel generator of rating 500 KVA is there for the purpose of standby power. Two UPS units of rating 45 KVA each are also provided for the backup of computers and equipment of all other low current systems. School complex consists of three blocks, boys’ wing, girls’ wing and auditorium/ sports complex.