Project Description

Dallah Hospital Extension

  • K.S.A


The project is located in Riyadh K.S.A. covering an area of 9,200 m2. The complex consists of five (05) floors (8,500 m2) having Outpatient Areas, Consulting Clinics, Operating Theaters, Patient Bedrooms, Doctors and Nursing Room, Service Room, and Public Areas. The building Air Conditioning System is maintaining the various environmental standards as applicable to hospitals, with the total cooling capacity of 600 TR. The Air Distribution System is based on variable volume system with VAV boxes and Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). A separate exhaust system is design for removal of anesthetic trace gases in laboratories. A supplementary air supplied for hood make-up is used. The Building Management System (BMS) design is based on comprehensive P.C based DDC Building Management System to allow the building operator to have total control of all the building services equipment including the ability to monitor HVAC equipment operation. The plumbing system design is based on uniform plumbing code with pressurized water distribution system for hot & cold water services. The drainage system is base on gravity system.
The medical gases system is based on central plant located in the basement level. The medical gases are Oxygen & Nitrous Oxide etc. The Fire Fighting System is based on automatic sprinklers, fire hose cabinets and fire fighting system. The fire pumping station capacity is 185 m3/ hr @ 10 bar pressure. The electrical system design is based on the NEC, HTM, SEC, SASO, IEC, STC, CCITT and BS latest standards. Electrical design includes MV and LT Switchgear, Power Supply Distribution System, Internal and External Lighting design, and Low Current Systems such as Fire Alarm, Public Address, Central Clock, Telephone, Computer Networking, CATV & Nurse Call Systems. The electrical load of hospital is 2000 KVA with two transformers each of rating 1000 KVA, and in case of failure of normal supply two diesel generators of rating 1500 KVA each are there for the purpose of standby power generation. Three UPS units of rating 100 KVA each are also provided for the backup of computers and equipment of all other low current systems.