Our services

The energy industry has gone through an evolution process in the past three decades. Energy Associates are providing the best services that can be guarantee to the customers.

Services provided by Energy Associates

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Central Air Conditioning Systems
Thermal Energy Storage Systems
Data Centre Air Conditioning Systems
Laboratories Air Conditioning Systems
Heat Recovery Systems
Industrial Ventilation Systems

Electrical & Low Current System

Power Distribution Systems
Lighting Design Systems
Telephone, Data & Public Address Systems
Lightning Protection Systems
Fire Alarm Systems
Security Systems

Environmental Design Utilities

Acoustical Studies for Building Services
Drainage & Water Supply Systems
Sewage, Waste Water Treatment Plants
Reverse Osmosis Plants Design Services
Swimming Pools
Infrastructure Utilities Services

Fire Fighting System

Water based Sprinkler Systems
High Expansion Foam Systems
Clean Agent Gases (FM-200) Systems
Carbon Dioxide (Co2) Systems
Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher Systems

Renewable Energy / Sustainability Services

Solar Energy/ Passive Solar Energy
Renewable Technologies
Energy Efficiencies Studies
Geo Thermal Systems
Solar Cooling & Heating Systems

Building System Controls

Automatic Control Systems
Building Management Systems
Smart Buildings Systems
Wireless Building Systems

Specialized Systems

Cogeneration Systems
District Cooling
Landscape + Irrigation Systems
Greenhouses Climate Controls Systems
Water Features & Fountains
Value Engineering Services
Vertical Transportation Systems
Compressed Air Systems
Designing of Medical & Industrial Gases System

Energy Services

Energy Auditing
Energy Efficiency Studies / Programmers